Friday, June 17, 2005

Why Bother Investigating Schiavo 911 Call?

I don't understand why Jeb Bush is calling for this criminal investigation.

The Schiavo autopsy did not strive to affirm or challenge the decade of medical treatment Terri received before her death--in fact, the coroner relied on her records to discuss her capability to take food orally.

Some factions in this country, that believe the morally right thing to do with the severely disabled is to put them down like dogs, believe that it is enough to show she was severely disabled.

"See," they say, "she was irreversibly damaged. Therefore she would have wanted death, even if she didn't specifically ask. QED".

They are driven to insane Monkei rages when we reply "So what? YOU don't get to make that call."

I didn't join in accusations that Michael Schiavo tried to kill Terri, because I had no evidence of that myself. I did opine that he was a jerk who worked hard to kill her ASAP, based on what he said to the press. I don't think the autopsy found anything to make me take that back.

But some people who went pretty far in making charges have to step back from them.

Now Jeb Bush wants a probe into whether Michael waited too long get treatment for Terri before she collapsed.

Why bother?

To me it seems all a piece with the prosecutions of Robert Blake and Michael Jackson. Both malignant weirdos. Both in compromising situations.

But to get a conviction you've got to persuade a jury that your speculation as to their guilt is the only reasonable scenario. Prosecutors in both cases called for a leap of faith by a jury. The jury refused to hop.

I don't see how, after 15 years, you could persuade a jury beyond reasonable doubt, how many minutes Michael Schiavo took to call 911, and his deliberate intent in taking that amount of time. And with any uncertainty on those points, the jury will acquit. Just as they refused to convict Robert Blake with uncertainty as to who actually shot his wife, and they refused to convict Michael Jackson on the testimony of a confessed perjurer.

Justice, for Terri, will come by reforming the system so that death cannot be handed down so casually. It can't come by tilting at windmills.

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