Thursday, July 28, 2005

Back In the Saddle Again

Had not realized it was a full week since my last post.

The kitchen is being demolished and rebuilt, and I stayed away from home to escape the noise and get deep, restful sleep. At least I had five hours straight each night, at least.

I've been more active on other sites than on my own. That is because I do a lot of posting elsewhere from my workstation, which I am expected to man as often as possible on my shift. If that means Internet surfing, so be it. A generous perk. But, I hestitate to open my own site or my own email account to contamination through somebody's else's computer.

This means that many things I notice in passing on the job get ignored on this blog, because I won't send myself an email and I can't recapture the link from home.

I will make a very concerted effort to pin down the latest poll on Iraq, where yellow journalism takes note of its own pollution of the American public.

Probably tomorrow.

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