Monday, July 11, 2005

Fully Deserving of Jail

Drudgereport has flurries about MSM and Democrats push to get Karl Rove to resign over the Judy Plame flame.

This is why I oppose the shield law.

I don't see Rove calling Cooper and telling him its okay to sing to the grand jury, but not doing the same for Miller. If he's the source.

I don't see the NYT suddenly going on the warpath against their essential source, after bringing down a contempt charge against one of their own, and insisting to the whole world that protecting sources is the most important thing in life. If Rove's the source.

My conclusion is that Karl Rove is not the super-sensitive source for either Miller or Cooper. Which means this whole brouhaha is a disgusting attempt at character assassination.

The MSM know they've lost the legislative battle for the shield law, the judicial battle to keep the sources secret, and the public opinion battle to win a popular exemption from civic duty. They're now out to wreak as much damage before the big names are outed, as possible.

And if they had a shield law, they'd probably play out this mess another two years.

Bush should stand by Rove.

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