Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why Conservatives "Deny" 'Torture'

Torture is those practices and techniques which do lasting damage for the purpose of doing damage, which never have any legitimate function.

Mutilation, induced hallucination, soft-tissue injuries, organ damage are all forms of torture.

Sleep deprivation, restraint, denial of air conditioning, and many physical punishments are forms of coercion that may be justifiable.

Even when those techniques are applied illegimately, without justification, they are not torture. They are abuse.

For example, handcuffing a citizen while issuing a jaywalking citation may be abuse, depending on the situation, but it isn't torture. Sodomizing a suspect is always torture, regardless of 'context'.

Acknowledging the possibility of abuse, while denying any charge of torture, is a substantive distinction and not a semantic evasion.

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