Monday, August 08, 2005

9th Circuit Gets One Right

As often as I malign the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, I should note when they properly uphold the Constitution.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, Hawaii is trying to propogate the notion of an entire state as the special preserve of one racial group. Not that they'd be any less equal than any other American on the mainland. If they want to open a hotel in Arizona, they don't need to jump through any hoops just because they're Hawaiian.

But if a guy from Arizona wanted to open a development on Maui, that would be a horse of a different color.

The specific case before the 9th Circuit involved admissions. The 9th Circuit in effect, pointed out that the 14th Amendment seems to preclude Balkan enclaves anywhere on US soil.

Outrage at continued "oppression", sadly joined by local RINOs. RINOs who allegedly have the firm support of the President.

Me, I'd meet the Hawaiians halfway. I'd offer them total racialization of the Islands, as Mexico did with the ejidos, in exchange for expulsion from the Union, and total loss of citizenship for all 'ethnic' Hawaiians.

Seems fair to me, if P. Diddy will need special permission to own property in Hawaii, God knows why, then Daniel Inouye should need a visa to buy into the Bronx.

But what do I know, I was born an American and am therefore just another "foriegner". Just like their RINO governor.

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