Sunday, August 14, 2005

No Regrets

Powerline has a good post on the movie "The Great Raid". After reading his review I believe I'll go see it.

It's too bad the reviewers can't support a film that "reinforces stereotypes" of the Japanese enemy. While I don't doubt much of the war propoganda was aimed at demeaning the Japanese race, the political ideology of His Imperial Japanese Majesty's forces is demonstrated where ever the Rising Sun was raised.

From mass enslavement of 'comfort workers', to beheading competitions in occupied China, biowar testing on entire villages, slaughter of POWs, to subtle degradations such as forcing Indonesian Muslims to bow towards Tokyo instead of Mecca and requiring insurgent Indian troops to salute every Japanese soldier regardless of rank--the Japanese perverted all aspects of life to brand their subjects as inferior.

There is nothing shameful in reminding America of the utter good that was done in breaking the Greater East Asia CoProsperity Sphere.

Sadly, the initial audience for this film is largely the over fifty crowd. This story should be heard.

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