Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Let me start by thanking the viewers who continue to click on my site hoping something new pops up. I can tell, and I appreciate it.

I'm almost back to being connected! I'm thrashing out a lengthy bleat of conservative frustration, which will take a good four hours to blog, and will require thorough links to other sites--the sort of work I don't feel I can rightly do on somebody else's computer, especially not my employer's!

Hugh Hewitt has made it a lot simpler, by concentrating in one lengthy post all I think is wrong with our current GOP majority. I'll parse it at length, but here's the problem in a nutshell:
Some anti-Miers writers have argued that it is always wrong to take gender into account when a president nominates for SCOTUS. To which I reply: That’s not what Ronald Reagan thought.

And it isn’t what any serious proponent of conservative majorities in the Congress should believe, or any supporter of continued GOP tenure in the White House post-W. (Imagine Hillary’s stump speech rhetoric on SCOTUS if two, new white males had persuaded three other Justices to strike at Casey?)

Basically saying:
In order to achieve the reform agenda we've supported since Reagan challenged Ford, we've got to violate it.
In order to become strong enough to ignore quotas, we've got to adopt them.
In order to advance political principles, we've got to suppress them in support of personalities.
In order to defeat false charges of sexism, we must not draw them in the first place.

Reagan didn't think so, and Gingrich didn't think so, and they triumphed. Why can't we triumph?

Is the Superfly ethos--"I'll leave this rotten game forever and get right--after one last score" any basis for a reform movement?

Why can't we walk through the front door instead of oozing under it?

If the GOP forfeits any majorities this decade, it will be due to this perverted, Clintonian refusal to stop electioneering and start governing.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hiatus Continues

I'm posting from work, a practice I usually avoid...

Internet is up at the condo, I now just need to identify the proper cable and buy a good 100 ft of it to link my bedroom to the router downstairs. Wireless routers tend to conflict with cell phones around here.

So I'll be online again within the month. I hope.