Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Black Tuesday

My joy at the end of my hiatus is smothered in bile.

The United States Senate has trampled the honor of the United States into the mud, by suggesting it will not support our troops in Iraq longer than any 90-day period.

If this treachery is not crushed in the House or by veto, the word of this or any future President that terrorism will be pursued and destroyed will elicit the unspoken query "Yeah? You and what Congress?"

Let's be clear. John Kerry, Senator, has the same contempt for the doctrine of universal liberty that he had as a perjurer before that body in 1970. Some peoples and places just don't require it in his view, and aren't worth the boost to stable democracy. He's rushing out today crowing that this despicable vote supports his view.

It's hard to see it in any other light. If the Senate truly gave this war the same committment as the men and women risking their lives to achieve it, there would be no question of regular reviews. Once American lives are committed to secure victory, every branch of government owes them its full support, not a quibbling sniveling half-assed allotment of chest-pounding jingoism as it scrambles for cover in Pentagon reports.

Americans, those of us at home owe our troops abroad a call or email to the White House and our Congressmen to reject utterly this craven disgrace to our flag and fighting forces.

Hugh Hewitt has the number for the Congressional switchboard.


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