Saturday, November 19, 2005

Girding For Battle

Poor Democrats, trapped into supporting a war for victory instead of their cherished war for evacuation.

The reporting I've seen on this vote is pure, blatant editorialization. Any pretense of freedom from partisan bias is gone. It's all about how dastardly and partisan the Republicans were last night.

Funny how a 403-3 vote is proof of the absence of bipartisanship, isn't it?

This wasn't about the merits of one pullout strategy over another, six-months versus immediately. This was the pressure boiler of defeatism being pricked. The Democrats just witnessed months of anti-war mo' evaporating like steam out an escape valve, and they're swearing like a wheelboat skipper stranded on a sandbar.

We'll have to hit them again, just as hard, for months to come. I'm willing.

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