Monday, November 07, 2005

Quick Thoughts

Tomorrow the landlord will order an upgrade in our cable-Internet package that will include a home network and all equipment, hopefully ensuring I have constant Internet access by week's end.

Until then, just some brief thoughts:

The Miers nomination ended in failure, and was seen by most Americans as failing because of Republican infighting and insubordination. According to the center-right, that was the worst-case scenario that would destroy the Administration and the Party.
Apocalypse Not, hmm?

The center-right imagines that its numbers are equal to, or greater than, the margin of victory in national elections; and therefore, this self-admitted minority must determine the agenda for the whole party.
Can anybody name one scenario where that's been tried to the benefit of either our Party or the country?

Why are the same people who scream "Bush lied" about Saddam Hussein being any danger, in any way, as to require any action, now demanding Bush do more to save America from the international influenza conspiracy to sap and impurify all our precious bodily fluids?
And how much will Bush spend to demonstrate he's not soft on mutant bird phlegm?

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