Saturday, December 03, 2005

Charge of the No-Fight Brigade

At the barbershop the other day, I saw a copy of Newsweek for November 28, 2005. It looked like a presidential election issue and Rep. John Murtha was the nominee.

It spoke of him as a "straight-line hawk" who turned against the war, and of his plan as the "turning point", and of Republican criticism of him as "the low point". CW gave him an Up Arrow: "Not Swiftboatable." Veep Cheney got a Down Arrow: "Open to calls of chickenhawk."

Too bad they didn't call Sen. Kerry first so he could clue them in that Democrats really want to stick around and win in Iraq as much as the President does. As he explained on the floor of the Senate, reeling from the President's Naval Academy broadside.

It's gratifying how swiftly the latest charge of the defeatists has been hurled back by the Congress, backed by the majority of the American people. A few bold souls continue caracoles, like Rep. Nancy Pelosi supporting a swift pullout; but their line has been riven and the bulk of their force is scurrying out of sight to reform.

They'll be back, as soon as they psych themselves into thinking another dove has the "moral authority" to make defeat golden. We'll be waiting for them.

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