Monday, December 19, 2005

The Silly Season

Like a social disease, the Bushhatred syndrome is raging once more among the MSM. The usual symptoms are present--insistence that a standard practice from prior Administrations be given a sinister interpretation; deliberate fudging of the facts; hysterical insistence that no President can withstand such a furiously building scandal.

He has, he will, and he is doing so.

Because as usual, their idea of "scandal" invokes a "proper" operating procedure that past Presidents have spurned, and the current public spurns too. In this instance, nobody wants the US govt to avoid listening to Al-Qaeda; and that is exactly what the MSM is trying to crucify Bush for refusing to do.

But it's the season to be merry! So laugh at 'em on their way down.

Powerlineblog skewers Sen. Reid, who imagines himself a Cecil spurning Cromwell and the Puritans, but hath not the competence.

And then there's Nancy Pelosi's announcement that the Democratic Party will have no formal war proposal this November, which is like promising to lead-off every inning with a bunt. If that works for them, they may well wonder why they have a Party leadership at all for any issue... Actually, they might wonder that regardless of the outcome.

T'is the season.

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