Saturday, December 24, 2005

Slow Blogging

I've been busier at the job than usual, something that will probably continue for a good month or so. I'll be making maybe a third again as much takehome. The downside is that most days the engine of my mind skips a cylinder.

I had two days off this week, of which the first was consumed in preparing and attending the office Christmas party. Wednesday I took a few hours to enjoy a hike along the Santa Ana riverbottom. I wandered down among the bare pecans near the Nature Center and down grey-sand trails to the flowing water, enjoying the thick reeds and warped eucalyptus. So many of the plants down there are imports run wild.

Once I get some rest and have nothing more pressing, I'll finish a post I started Dec. 5th. After I write all my letters and send my Christmas ecards. And pay bills.


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