Monday, January 02, 2006

Peter Jackson Festival

I've viewed the extended DVDs of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. Then I took a break to go see King Kong.

Peter Jackson is definitely the king of the Three Hour Flick!

King Kong 2005 is better than the 1933 original. I didn't care that the ape didn't show for the first half of the film (though my landlord fidgeted). Adrian Boyd and Naomi Watts turned out terrific performances, and Andy Serkis delivers another anthropomorphic knockout. For me, although beautiful, the special effects were the least impressive part of the film. The scene where the crew of the Venture wrestle with a reef is more compelling than Kong's death scene on the Empire State building.

There's ample evidence that Jackson remains at heart a horror director, so it's definitely not for young kids or the squeamish.

I'll finish my Jackson film marathon with The Return of the King tonight, and then back to the salt mines for a few days.
Next week, I plan on seeing Narnia, and I'll have to compare and contrast.

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