Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Evil Empire" II

I'm tired of hearing how unreasonable those cartoons were;
or how much damage they've done to all our progress in relations with the Muslim street;
or how outrageous it is to lump all Muslims into the jihadist category;
or how we all need to watch what we say to avoid giving fuel to jihadist propoganda.

Yeah, I know, not all Muslims out there approve the fatwa against entire nations over these cartoons. I also know there's no practical test to separate out 'jihadists' from the flock. Many of these rioters were considered "moderate" a couple of weeks ago.

Anybody who insists we work on maintaining excellent relations with these yahoos--go out there and relate with them. Before insisting I remain calm about raging mobs, so I'm in the right frame of mind to dialogue with them-- why don't you go soothe them out of embassy-burning and all those 9/11-7/7 threats?

The entire nation of Denmark is a target of a huge segment of a world religion, because a few individuals who rejected Islam suggested to other nonMuslims, that Muslims practice violence in the name of religion.

That discussion, heard third or fourth-hand, is so intolerable that violence is the result.

Why should we accept that extremism as a yardstick of our own behavior?

I'm one of those people who remember fondly when Reagan called the USSR an "evil empire". It's a lot more popular with people since we won the Cold War without WWIII breaking out. But I applauded it even in the dark days when confronting the USSR carried extreme risks. And back then, I heard a lot of whining about Reagan's speech--how reactionary, how simplex, how unpragmatic, how stupid.

But sometimes you don't get to choose your enemies. Sometimes your only choice is whether or not to acknowledge them.

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