Sunday, March 26, 2006

No Te Puedes

I am filled with deep rage when I look on 500,000 protestors of American sovereignity.

I am not deceived. It is not the harshness of the proposed new law that is in dispute. It is the authority of the United States over all the people within its borders, and the international underground cash economy, that is the long-standing point of contention.

Congress could make a more rational process for naturalization, but that is not what the bulk of 11-12 million illegals want anyhow. They desire total immunity from American labor and taxation laws, while moving freely through our country in a way that an American would be denied in Mexico.

The failures of the current regime in Mexico to control its northern territories deny Congress the leisure to do nothing slowly. The shock of actually having to actively govern the United States may be too much for this current Congress. Whether it matures or is replaced, some Congress is going to have to regulate in the near future.

It is odd that the debate is between amnesty and crackdown. Amnesty is the open door to repression. Christ adjured us to forgive seventy times seventy, but Americans tend to forgive just once and then smite with righteous wrath. When 80% of illegals spurn amnesty -like last time- then the public will deny them any clemency, any exemption from arrest and confiscation and detention and deportation.

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