Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Senate Caves

When you want to house train a puppy, you have to let it poop indoors. Then you rub its nose in its mess, and spank it. Eventually the stench and pain of its own folly lead it to amend its ways.

It seems the US Senate can only learn by the same method.

The fast-track amnesty plan will fail, because the bulk of illegal residents do not desire American citizenship. They do not desire a renunciation of allegiance to Mexico, or formal allegiance to the United States.

They're here to participate in the largest, most lucrative black market economy in the world, and they are protesting being hassled about it. They deny the American government's moral authority to regulate this economy in any way; and they will not file anything to cooperate with such regulation.

After a few million more swell the ranks, and it becomes clear that they are not even trying to register, the Senate will have to admit failure, and vote really restrictive measures.

I wonder as well, how much time the United States has to leisurely consider the problem, before Mexican corruption, Mexican mismanagement of massive new oil revenues, and Mexican incompetence in corralling drug lords, becomes so intolerable that there is serious political strife within Mexico.

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