Saturday, April 22, 2006

California Dreamin'

If the President can visit California and indulge in science fiction, so can I...

Single-buyer petroleum. The federal government will deal direct with OPEC. Quarterly purchases of petroleum for the entire American market. Deployment of our supreme Navy to enforce the sale: either take our money and the tankers go to Long Beach, or do without payment and the tankers go to Long Beach.

That would put a pretty high buffer between the American consumer and the petroleum speculator.

Big Oil buys from Uncle Sam. That would eliminate the need for gas taxes; the government can recoup the revenue up front.

National refinery standard. No more California gas and Texas gas and Florida gas. It would all be American gas and totally interchangeable. The savings from that reform would probably pay the cost of having the strictest ecological standard applied to 100% of American gasoline.

But all that's about as likely as Californians driving less by choice...

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