Thursday, April 27, 2006

Proud to Serve

Thanks to Cap'n Ed, who got sick and tired of being smeared for not sneaking into the Green Berets and still daring to want America to win the war.

It put me in mind of one of my earliest posts...

chicken-hawk: (Sen. Dem.) n. A person who did not perform a combatant MOS while deployed in a combat area as a regular in one of the four main branches of the US military, who advocates American victory in war. Formerly citizen. See also patriot, civic duty, and home-front. Antonym: fifth-columnist, traitor.

The sheer volume of anti-war demagogery lets you forget how repetitive and unoriginal it is. What Gen. Zinni said about Secy. Rumsfeld isn't that new, any more than what Rep. Murtha said is much different from what Sen. Lautenberg was shrieking from the Senate floor two years ago. Supposedly, the sensation is who is now joining the anti-war movement.

Those of us with some horse-sense know that a bad idea remains a bad idea, no matter how many VIPs get on the podium or how big the rally. Sadly, it seems that such horse-sense is lacking in our party these days. The human quality of leadership cannot be farmed out to a War Room for massaging.

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