Friday, May 05, 2006

Interrupting the Stream of Consciousness

I'm beginning to realize how out-of-sync my life has become over the last two years.

First there was my lengthy period of under- and unemployment. Then I got hired full-time for graveyard. At least 40 hours a week but no regular schedule.

The days and weeks and months have blurred together seamlessly. I forget what day of the week it is. With the rainy weather these past few months, I also forget how much time has been passing.

Now that I've taken on the paralegal course, I'm having to remember how to adhere to a weekly schedule again. Certain assignments are due in 138 hours; I need to set aside valuable alert-and-awake time to complete them.

Finding that sort of time at all has been difficult lately. As I train another night clerk I have no time online at work (a perk to keep me awake) and the lack of constant responsibility and calculation, with my 8-day workweek, was putting me to sleep standing up.

This next week I must make the effort to knock out that court-attendance project. Also to keep current on my reading for the quiz, and complete the briefings. As well as schedule appointments, make appointments. There's also the library research to do. And oh yeah--sleep.

I'm only taking one course a quarter, which will stretch out my student career to two years or so. I asked some classmates how this starter course compares in workload to some of the other required courses.

They just laughed. I will definitely need to get organized. After I nap for a day.

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