Friday, May 05, 2006

Straight-Talkin' John: Shaddap!

Sen. McCain was on Imus and opted for an America with clean government and no respect for the First Amendment, over an America where the First Amendment was respected and the government was corrupt.

The problem with McCain's approach to bad government, is that he can't accept the need for personnel changes. That's the traditional approach, which led to the creation of the FBI in the 1920s--to improve American government, by ensuring that criminals are run out of office and into the federal penitentiary.

Senatus McCain has a disease common to Washington, which is to imagine that certain Key People are essential to the operation of the national government. It is lucky for the survival of our democratic system that they are granted office under our Constitution; should the Constitution conflict with their natural primacy, then the Constitution has gotta go.

The solution to officials incapable of resisting bribes, or offering inteference to regulators to incur favors, is unemployment. Anything but the cold turkey treatment will result in further submission to temptation.

McCain needs to hear that until he gets it. Whether he thinks it corrupt or not.

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francois said...

I agree completely. My only problem with McCain is his crusading mentality. That if there's a problem he feels strongly enough about, that there should be no restraints on the power of the federal government to rectify it.