Thursday, June 29, 2006

As the constraints of time, sleep, computer access, etc. prevent me from doing daily posts, I tend to take a more laid-back view of events this summer.

And what strikes me as a current trend, is the unwillingness of the Republican party to really govern.

Take the New York Times scandal. Publishing covert operations to capture terrorists in wartime is a criminal act. In prior wars it would be punished with prison time.

At present, nothing is likely to be done. Because it is unpopular. Because it is difficult. It is a tough one, and the art of government to our current leadership is avoiding the tough ones.

There is plenty of skill and cunning brought to the problem of maintaining the Republican Party as the majority party; and too little time spent making it the ruling party.

At some point, our numerical superiority should be spent on drafting the laws and policies of the United States as we desire them, whether it makes everyone happy or not. This is rank heresy to the universalist crusaders, who imagine that the GOP can be sold to ever-increasing majorities so long as nobody is frozen out by actual decisions.

So far, world events have given us the slack to operate so sloppily. It's not permanent.

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