Monday, June 19, 2006

What a Maroon

The general said that since the strike on Zarqawi, Coalition and Iraqi security forces have conducted 452 operations at the company level and above; what he described as the normal amount of operations for a one-week period of time.

Of the 452 operations conducted, Caldwell said 255 were combined operations, utilizing both Coalition forces and Iraqi security forces; and 143 were Iraqi security forces only, operating independently.

From those operations, the general said 759 anti-Iraqi elements were detained, more than 104 anti-Iraqi elements were killed, and 28 caches were discovered.

The speed with which we've interdicted so many insurgents and suspected insurgents since looting Zarqawi's pyre, leads me to conclude that Al-Zarqawi's notebooks weren't encoded, probably not even enciphered.

For the stupidity of our foes, we thank thee, Lord.

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