Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ho Hum

Powerline has some pessimistic musings on November.


Powerline's electoral pessimism is legendary. They continue to look towards professional polling that deliberately weighs Democrats more than Republicans and seem shocked, shocked that the results are bad for Republicans.

Yet, I don't much care. As an ideologue more than a partisan, the quest for Majority has lost its luster, as the leadership has decided that Agenda is a dirty word.

How often have we heard the "experts" say that if the election is nationalized, Democrats will win, and if kept local, Republicans will win? This is astounding to me, that the majority party is desperate to keep the focus off the use of power for the next two years.

The current rumblings of despair are probably due to that deliberate abandonment of purpose. Sadly, our guys seem insistent to avoid learning their lesson.

Anybody can lose anything, but I predict the GOP wins a shrunken majority. Unfortunately, the Conventional Wisdom will be held to reflect a drift towards liberalism (aka The Center) and the GOP will try to face 2008 with even feebler planks in the platform. This will prep them for the final, total disaster: a pro-choice nominee.

I'd like to think it won't happen, but after the great Sell-Out of 2005, don't expect the grassroots to supply the enthusiasm, and where's the conservative icon to reverse the aenemia?


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