Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Iran has a Deadline

until we all set a new deadline.

I'm reminded of the Robin Williams routine from 1986, about Ghadafi: "Here is the line of death! You cross the line, you die!....OK here is the line!"

I like to argue with foriegn students over at Imperialconflict.com, and one of the issues that keeps coming up is American arrogance over nonproliferation.

How dare America tell anybody they can't have the Bomb? What gives us the right?

The same right, I say, that keeps you free from staring at American orbital weapons platforms overhead.

They don't have a very good answer for that yet.

Part of the reason we felt safe in refusing to militarize space is the assurance that the global community could nonviolently prevent nuclear war without such extravagance. It would appear from the headlines that the global community gets a big red "F".

I was raised to sneer at Neville Chamberlain for refusing to batten down on Hitler at Munich. Chamberlain never lived to realize just how bad the Third Reich could get; our denunciation of his "calculus" is soaked with hindsight. From his desk in 1938, Hitler probably didn't look much worse than, say, the Islamic Republic of Iran. You can't show Iran parked on anybody else's real estate; sure it promotes foriegn terrorism, but is that really much of a big deal, all things considered? And sure, it loves apocalyptic rhetoric of Armageddon with the "Great Satan"...but who doesn't? We're all one big happy family, ain't we? They want what we want, only fanatics think otherwise...surely reasonable people can talk things through...a few concessions are surely nothing compared to a long brutal war...

It's long past time we started bombing their nuclear, military, and petroleum infrastructure. A broke Iran can shriek all it wants.

And anybody outraged over that American aggression, should step back and consider the big picture. America just wants what everybody wants...reasonable people can talk things through...what's a few concessions to Washington to avoid a long brutal war...

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