Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pacifism Kills

So much of the criticism of Israel comes from nations and organizations that will never use violence againstany evil, as a matter of principle.

That the Vatican is among these groups, is probably for the best. Keeps plenary indulgences off the battlefield.

That some of the voices raised in outcry of "disproportionate response" are our allies, is more worrisome.

I wonder if the "disproportionate response" crowd really wants a "proportionate response"--if Israel undertook the random kidnapping and random shelling of cities, would that have Europe smiling and nodding?

This war highlights the gaping flaw of pacifism--that violence can compel an enemy to abandon violence, but pacifism can only persuade through concession. And if the last concession doesn't melt hearts, that signals the need for further concession. And when all reasonable concessions have been exhausted, it's time to think outside the box and make some unreasonable concessions.

Which is why the global Left is talking about "correcting" Israel right off the map.

We can all pray for peace. We can invoke Almighty God to intervene in human affairs and make possible what we cannot achieve on our own: the nonviolent destruction of oppression and destruction. The moment when the murderer and torturer grows sick at heart and cannot strike the innocent anymore.

It happened in Poland, didn't it?

But short of that miracle, the duty of the community is to prepare in concert to protect the helpless individual. It's as morally necessary as a sandbag line in a flood, or a bucket brigade in a fire.

As I get older, I appreciate the utility of reducing problems to the lowest number of factors. Israel is aiming to take Hezbollah out of the equation. Here's hoping.

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