Saturday, August 26, 2006


Top of fold headline in today's NYT: "Weary Iraqis Face New Foe: Higher Prices"


I was really upset when I saw the noise about "The Battle For Baghdad" which would decide the war! I was upset because when--not if--we shut down the sectarian violence in Baghdad, we would not be told we'd won the war--instead we'd be hit with a different flavor of bad news.

Here it is: inflation.

One of the many problems with the NYT is it is aware of its low circulation and prestige, and it doesn't bother trying to rise above preaching to the choir. Only somebody dead set against spending another fifteen minutes in Iraq--the kind of guy who thinks Rep. Murtha is a reactionary--loses the critical thinking reflex that kicks in with "Hey, last week Iraq was a terrible place because umpteen dozen kids got blown up; now they're supposedly sweating inflation?" But that sort of person isn't the Times' target audience; now they're just giving another talking point to the Illuminati. "Y'know what else Bush didn't plan for? Inflation!"

Why a paper, printed in New York City, and sold at Starbucks, thinks rising prices are both newsworthy and traumatic, I can't really figure out.

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