Friday, August 25, 2006

Explaining Reagan

On the job I prefer surfing forums to blogging, because I can drop it much quicker when a customer walks in.

On one of the foriegn games forums I was explaining why Ronald Reagan is so well-regarded in the United States. In part:

America was not just a random place we happened to be born on, it was a great achievement of the human race in which we were called to take part. It was a deliberate attempt to make the best government on earth. If we held true to that vision then nothing could stop us. None of our real problems were tough enough to defeat a country built on the greatest freedoms and attracting the best strivers on the planet. And we must not be embarrassed to say so, or stand off those who seek to destroy it. Our pledge to improve ourselves would be rewarding in itself, and rewarded by others. And Reagan made it work.
It's sad, but where do you hear that kind of patriotic zeal today? I doubt anybody on the short list for the GOP nomination would repeat it, because it hasn't been something they've articulated prior to getting on the short list. Reagan was proclaiming the unique mission of America to the world when he was just after-dinner entertainment for executives.

It's sad.

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