Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Defeatism

Headline news in the LA Times!

Zbigniew Brzynski says Iraq is 'unwinnable'.

Well. Guess that settles that.

Charitably, it is not now generally remembered that before Sixth Army rolled into France, the Allied High Commands were plotting how to invade the Soviet Union through the Black Sea. This surreally stupid episode is now known only to arcane scholars of WW2 lore.

I suppose Mr. B and the rest of the original anti-Iraq-war crew can only hope they too will be forgotten. It is not so much that they distrusted our ability to build an Iraqi democracy--but they deny it exists at all. "The Bush administration's aim of creating 'a secular, stable, democratic Iraq' is 'simply unreal,' the LA Times quotes Mr. B.

This story is an example of what I call 'Iraq stew'--everything on Iraq is dumped into one article, and overdone. The basic premise is, that if dozens of Iraqis are being murdered, we can't be winning the war.

There has never been a war in American history where we can compel the enemy to renounce senseless slaughter. Galveston, TX, fought Union forces for two months after Lee surrendered his army at Appamattox. Kamikazes took off to sink the American flotilla heading for the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Harbor. We can't stop that; we can only render it pointless to the final outcome.

Further, the President hasn't committed us to remain until it stops, but until the Iraqis take over the job of quelling it.

So the "argument" that America cannot win this war, so long as 100 Iraqis are shot by death squads, is right off the mark. The political momentum is with the Baghdad regime sponsored by the United States-and I will believe it is doomed only if I see established authorities defying it and the general public abandoning it, as seen in Southeast Asia, France in 1940, and the Soviet Union in 1991. Isn't happening in Iraq. Quite the reverse, in fact.

So far from being "unwinnable" it would take direct action by the United States to wreck Iraqi victory. The Democrats seem willing to rise to the challenge.

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reddog said...

You have the most optimistic view of the Iraq War that I have ever come across.