Monday, September 11, 2006

Standing Apart

I can't get the 9/11 "mood".

I can't understand there ought be a 9/11 "mood".

On November 11 I take a break from my usual life and think about "those who came before" and spent themselves breaking our country's enemies. Their struggle is past and has to be recalled.

Our struggle is ongoing. We have been fighting Al-Qaeda for five years. April 4, 2003 was about smashing Al-Qaeda. So was June 23, 2003. November 12, 2005. Any day over the last five years.

Every day over the last five years.

I am confused what people took out of the closet today, and contemplated, and will put away on a shelf tomorrow. Our commitment to fight Al-Qaeda? Our respect for the victims of terrorism?

What about 9/10 got interrupted for today, and will be resumed 9/12?

I don't have the rancor or anxiety I had on 9/11/01. On 9/11/01 I heard that the Sears Tower in Chicago got hit at 8 a.m. Central time, and I believed it, and I was worried for my folks on the West Coast for several hours. What was going to blow on 8 a.m. Pacific? Those hours are gone, the literally gut-wrenching rage that anyone dared strike my country, is gone. In its place is resolve--or what the center-right bloggers I email call "fanaticism". (Probably true; on some topics I don't mind being a fanatic so much as I mind losing: the litmus test of fanaticism.)

Should I indulge in raw emotion again?

I think recalling St. Crispin's Day can wait for the day to end.

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