Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different

I feel good.

Many challenges ahead. Many hard fights, tough arguments. We have much work to do to persuade the American people that the Republican Party actually represents the improvement of America.

We may lose a few of these fights on straight party-line votes, and possibly even a few of the veto challenges. Yet right now, I am free of the sick dread I have felt more than once over the past two years.

Am I crazy? Do I actually think we're better off losing the majority?

Yes. Yes I do. We're better off being the party that starts at the sight of bad law, fights bad law, kicks bad law in the teeth, never lets a bad law live but that it fights for its life, than being the party that brings bad law home as a pet rather than appear too fierce and uncompromising.

I am fierce and uncompromising!

I mentioned sick dread...I had that sick dread watching my party "leadership" triangulate its way towards the Opposition, on the grounds that my vote was nailed down, and they were making inroads among the valued 'center'. And really, what could I do about it? Vote Democrat?

Some inroads.

By 2008 the Conventional Wisdom shall be: Pelosi blew it. They were assured victory in 2006 but neglected, through incompetence, to secure the sort of mandate that would dynamite the GOP out of its trenches.

They haven't got the White House, they haven't got the votes to override vetoes, and they haven't got the popular policy progam to shatter our ranks in Congress.

Now is the time for a role we know how to do--without reference to any War Room of "experts" as to what floats. It's again time for the Thin Red Line of Heroes, defiant, insistent, unyielding, confident of the wrongness of the opposing cause and the sense of our own. And that's a role our guys know. We know how to be the fighting minority without seeking bad professional advice or throwing in with Ted Kennedy for the sake of appearances.

Yes, we'll be arguing with a lot of idiot chairmen. Thing is, for once, those idiot chairmen will not be Republicans.

And I'm not the only one who sees the death of blind loyalty to the Party. Check out Hugh Hewitt(!!!)

I feel good.

PS A thought: It won't be us holding the bag when everybody in America has to buy a new HDTV in 2008, because Congress said so nearly ten years ago. Yay!

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