Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pull the Other One

American Spectator says fmr. Solicitor General Ted Olson backs Rudy:
The support of Olson should help Giuliani in his quest to win over social conservatives who remain skeptical of his pledge to appoint strict constructionist judges.

"I've known him for 26 years and we've talked about this many times," Olson said. "He feels very strongly that people like Justice Scalia, Chief Justice Roberts, Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas, are the type of people that he would put on the court…I'm quite convinced that this is a genuine viewpoint that he has."

When asked about differences conservatives have with Giuliani on issues such as abortion and gay rights, Olson said: "Rudy's views on many, many issues are going to be very compatible with people in the conservative political community and the political legal community.
Skepticism is putting it mildly. I am openly hostile to the maneuver to undermine the pro-life plank of the platform. It's not as if we haven't walked down this road before. We put up guys like Specter and McCain, and instead of tolerating their dissent from the majority opinion, we were called on to celebrate their outreach.

If Rudy wins, he will work for legal abortion, and we'll be told the lie that everybody understood he was free to follow his conscience. I already hear the mantra that he's too important to this country to be sidetracked over petty concerns (we've got this far without a Giuliani Presidency) or that national security can't be sacrificed for abortion politics (only opposites to pro-choice Republicans) or that abortion is a loser (Bush won 59,000,000 votes two years ago).

I'm well aware too many Republicans like legal abortion, and welcome any opportunity to impose the logic of the "super-duper" precedent on the country. Pretending we're going to lose to Al-Qaeda if we don't cave on abortion is just lame.

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