Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Times They Are A Changin'

It's been a busy few weeks here!

I'm moving. It'll be a cute, cozy little pad out in Highgrove. Once I'm in Highgrove I believe I will start posting under my own name again. When I get around to posting, what with my workweek and the burdens of school.

I am also become an initiate of a BlackBerry. When I cashed in my New Every Two rebate and threw in an extra $200 of my own, I was thinking this thing might eventually be of real use to me down the road as a paralegal. I didn't expect how useful it could be to organize everything in the immediate present! And with the internet added, I can actually use it instead of a wireless card for my PC. That would more than make up the price of the data plan. And I found there's an application on that would let me run an Office clone on my BlackBerry. Must...not...splurge...

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