Monday, May 21, 2007

Jimmy Carter, BDS Sufferer

Or rather, we're all suffering from his Bush Derangement Syndrome.

In what way does "pre-emptive war where we go to war with another nation militarily, even though our own security is not directly threatened, if we want to change the regime there or if we fear that some time in the future our security might be endangered" a "radical departure" from Nixon's bombardment of Laos and Cambodia, and Reagan's invasion of Grenada and bombardment of Tripoli and deployment to Beruit?

Plenty of people jump up to argue that America's "basic values" were upheld by selling out Taiwan, killing Allende, and backing the Shah with no questions asked. But from what I recall, Jimmy Carter won the Presidency by vowing not to do that crap.

I guess the difference is, thirty years ago, Jimmy Carter could embarrass a Republican incumbent by denouncing realpolitik, and today, he imagines he can embarrass one by applauding it.


Chris Muir said...

Carter's sooooo sad these days...

Anonymous said...

Carter, after getting free of Zbig, is one of the Few sane people left on earth today.

Making excuses for crimes of prior Presidents is not only lame, it's a keyboard version of misprison of those crimes, making the writer an accomplice after the fact.