Saturday, June 02, 2007


My new voter registration card came in the mail today. Party registration: REP.

I'm going to have to correct that. IND. I thought I'd already fixed it.

There's millions of words I could write as to Why, but brevity is the soul of wit: Duty. The usual modern American politician professes none.

Oh please, as if that's new. Well it is, fairly new. New as the War Room and the ticker-tape polling. The idea that you'd spend half-a-billion dollars to get elected, and then, having won a majority and a supermajority and darn near omnipresence, balk because weekly polls don't show the American public as a whole demands you do it the way you promised. Move the rocks out of the road and they'll roll. Somebody else, some national entity other than the Republican Party, must do the heavy lifting.

Fine. I'll go join that outfit, that ragtag bunch of misfits on a mission, where-ever they are, and wear their label. Conservative will do for a start.

Go check out or or or anywhere else the center-right hangs out. Soak up the zeigeist in the comments pages. It's almost entirely negative, cynical, hypocritical. I've lost the sense that Republicans, as a whole, are even trying to do their best for their country. The best is the enemy of the good. Better the lesser evil. The lesser evil is still evil, and good enough isn't.

And that's just the voters. The politicians are something else. Because they don't care. Because they don't have to. They are the Party. I had the delusion that it was about Me, and hundreds of millions of voters like me. I was sure wrong about that! It's about the careerists. We couldn't do anything (were we going to do anything--which we're not) without the sacrificial lambs who hold office. It's lucky for us we can even find the thousand guys willing to bear the burden of federal office.

I see plenty of others fed up too. For them it's Amnesty III. For me the camel's straw is the war. The conditional committment to the war. That, in and of itself, whether or not we keep fighting, is foully disloyal. It's slam-dunk unpatriotic to say, Keep fighting and I'll get back to you whether I'll let you win. And if it were anybody but Traitor (R), they'd be denounced for the defeatist swine they are. But Traitor (R) is our joe, and inviolate. That's sacred. Loyalty to the troops and our allies, and our honor, is optional: we may, or may not, sit in that section of the stands within the Big Tent.

The Big Tent is too crowded and smells like elephant dung. I prefer the fresher air outside.

Brevity. I will spurn Reagan's 11th Commandment, to do full honor to the Ten. As a man. As an American. Not a sheeple.

And if anybody knows some guys eager to actually solve runaway judges and a shrunken military and proliferation and the housing bubble and fuel inflation and terrorism and taxation and earmarks and criminal speech and soft bigotry of low expectations and Aztlan and illiterate grads and traffic and organized sports-crime, and Senatorial privilege, Arab doubt, European certitude, popular socialism and everything else I thought I was confronting by voting Republican, there's a vote available.

It's my duty.

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