Sunday, December 30, 2007

Me, Sic Transit

Electability , like legacy, is an inanity. It’s a mark against us, that they get so much air play. It has no meaning. It has no existence. And more than half the experts are wrong about its presence. Did Michael Dukakis really have more “electability” than Gary Hart? Or did they both lack it and nobody caught on? Who was more “electable”, Gore or Bush the Younger? Did Carter and Bush the Elder possess “electability” and then lose it?

Any of these guys could win in 2008. And all of them could lose. Certainly none of them, and nobody across the aisle, has seized America as unstoppable necessity, the one whose election will legitimize our electoral process, whose defeat would indicate a failure of the American system. The voters are about as settled as five-year-olds at a pool. Nobody is going to capture the nomination without a majority of voters throwing over their current stated position. There’s no basis to declare X has the loyalty of the base, and will grab the independents--but Y does not. X, Y and Z haven’t even got a third of the partisan vote tied in.

Let’s cease arguing that the Force is with McCain or Romney or Giuliani--and get back to what we expect a President to do for America in 2009.

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