Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blood on the Water I

I am sure there'll be more Blood on the Water posts to come. Sadly, unlike 2004 it is the "conservative" candidate who is a dead duck.

Senator John McCain is not competent to win a Presidential election.

Ed Morrissey thinks this is about "Barack Hussein Obama". It isn't. It's about saying anything negative and critical, "disparaging", about "honorable Americans" named Obama and Clinton.

Yes, Cunningham called Sen. Obama by his full name three times. He also called him "Barack Obama" a fourth time, when he conjured up an angelic vision of "Barack Obama in the White House, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House", and Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader". Ed Morrissey makes a distinction that Senator McCain does not. It's not just about a middle name. The whole critique is repudiated as "inappropriate".

I agree Cunningham laid it on with a trowel here, calling Obama a Chicago-style hack who will steal our money and get us all killed. That is, however, the basis of the post-World-War conservative movement: Liberalism is inherently corrupt, confiscatory and incapable of protecting the United States from its global enemies. And if you agree with that, but think name-calling is bad---"ism"s don't hold office, individuals do. "Fascism" and "Communism" never gave an order to anybody.

Anybody who does any surfing of the Right-Wing blogosphere knows that a lot of people backing McCain do it from "fear and dislike" of the alternatives, not because they rave about John McCain. In a time when "agenda" is a sinister term, John McCain is touted as the most "electable" barrier to the Democrat agenda, while apparently having sold America on the idea that he has no agenda of his own. I am a former Republican largely because too many within that party think simply opposing liberal Democrats is adequate, and preferrable to enacting a positive program of reform and renewal. McCain, today, did not even do that much, and promised to roll over again down the road. That approach is going to forfeit the "Anybody But A Socialist" faction as well as the conservatives.

Dole got less than 40 million votes in 1996. It may get that bad in 2008.


Mr. C. Smith said...

"I am a former Republican"

What do you consider yourself to be now?

Christopher Balsz Jr. said...

Just a former Republican, independent, at the moment.