Sunday, February 03, 2008

Grow Up. Vote For McCain.

Thought I'd pass that on. Zu Befehl!

If we don't elect McCain, Hillary and/or Obama will do irreversible damage to America, and the Democrats will win forever! And you conservatives will have to answer to posterity!

Heard that one lately?

Isn't that basically a center-right, Republican-partisan admission of failure? The GOP is incapable of changing minds. It can only hold fast against an irreversible tide of liberalism.

Why? How so?

The Big Tent of the Republican Party seems adamant there are no moral choices in politics, that we have to be pragmatic and practical. Raising taxes, for instance, is not the most popular choice, but it remains an option that must be considered--hence time limits on tax cuts. The notion that tax cuts are morally right, better than raising taxes, that the taxes come from people's money that is rightfully theirs, that taxes are a necessary wrong imposed on the public, is just a point of view that Republican policy makers are free to take or leave.

The problem there is that a moral code is not just a guide and a measure, but also a goal. The moral barrier to a life of theft not only puts our past behavior in perspective, and instructs our current choices, but it drives us to create a future where we earn honestly and are not reliant upon or tempted by theft. And when we abandon a moral code, and declare choices amoral, we not only "free" our present, but we unwrite our past and cast our future adrift.

If it is not morally right to keep taxes low, then it is not morally wrong to raise them. If we do not have to avoid future occasions of higher taxes, then we do not have to organize our budgets to do without that confiscated wealth. We will make pragmatic, practical solutions for our present prodigality. And that will mean chaos down the road.

And that's...OK. Not as if we had a moral crusade or something.

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