Monday, June 02, 2008

I Miss My Blog Anniversary Again

5/12/08. Again too busy and forgetful to honor THE day.

I've been browsing past blogging, the stuff from summer '06 about the failure of the GOP majority seems painfully prescient. I began this blog as an unemployed goober in a joint apartment with my pal, Vinse, looking to boost some skills and vent about the anti-war movement. Four years later and Vinse is nearly two years gone to rest, I've been standing guard through the late watches of the night for over three years, and it looks like my steadfast faith in the Iraq war project is going to be vindicated. Sometime during this summer I'll step out from behind the hotel counter and start work as a paralegal, most likely in some other city, and perhaps move the whole shebang yet again.

So here's to another four years of blogging, maybe... because this whole Internet thing is getting dated, by the hyperactive standards of the Computer Age.

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Wry Mouth said...

Here's to faith in the Iraq Hardboot/Reconstruction being vindicated--