Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why Pelosi Lies

Democrats have tried to pretend there can be no debate that Bush ordered torture. It's just torture, obviously torture, and that's why the neocons wanted it. And everybody who pretends they didn't believe it was wrong at first glance is a liar and an acessory to torture. The Army. The FBI. The Bush justice dept. All clearly evil, as opposed to Nancy Pelosi.

Now if Nancy Pelosi were a bloodthirsty Machiavellian, she'd have started killing people long ago. Since she hasn't, it seems safe to conclude she didn't approve of torture, as torture.

And that's the sticking point. If Nancy Pelosi knows what's going on, and doesn't cry "murder", then maybe she'd have to admit that its possible John Yoo or Donald Rumsfeld had the same impression?

Hence her lies.

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