Sunday, August 23, 2009

Supporting "the War"

I read some blurbs today from Reuters and AFP that Adm. Mike Mullen is concerned that the war in Afghanistan isn't going so well, and now 50% of Americans by one poll say it wasn't worth fighting for.

It was this Admiral Mullen who testified in front of Congress that "the war in Afghanistan will not have a military solution". This is the guy who supports limited rules of engagement to preclude bombarding too close to houses. We read about that, and we read that the US government is reaching out to the "moderate elements" in the Taliban.

If we're not fighting to wipe out the Taliban, but get them to accept a political subjugation and a cease-fire with the national government, then we're asking for something unprecedented in our history. In VietNam and Korea the goal at least was to make the bad guys leave, not stick around and lose elections.

If that's "the war in Afghanistan", I don't feel like supporting it either. I thought we were looking to win.

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