Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zing, Pow

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I always wear a button that lists my favorite sex acts. If this makes you uncomfortable you’re a bigot. If you won’t associate with me because of my button, you’re an Akzedphobe.

To avoid being an Akzedphobe you must let me crash all your parties. You must let me teach your children about my favorite sex acts, and spend time with them to see if they think they might enjoy my favorite sex acts. If they don’t think they’d like them, that’s fine, but they must spend some time thinking about them, and maybe even pass a test about them.

You must let me wear my button as I represent your company to your customers. Yes, your customers should all know what kinds of sex acts I enjoy most. You must let me wear my button in your church. In fact, I want to preach in your church wearing my button! I want to get married in your church to someone else who wears the same button everywhere.

I want to join your clubs, even those clubs where it’s clear that no one enjoys the same sex acts as I do. And I want a special booth at your convention, a nice booth with a banner over it that describes all my favorite sex acts just like my button does, only much bigger of course. If your club is called e.g. the XYZ Club, I want to be known as the Guy Who Enjoys ABC Sex Acts in the XYZ Club.

And finally, I want to wear my button describing all my favorite sex acts on my military uniform. I know that only certain buttons called “medals” are allowed on uniforms, but I deserve an exception: I want my button describing all my favorite sex acts to be right there next to my marksmanship medal.

And after I get all these demands met, I’ll think of some more.

Akzed on December 16, 2010 at 12:01 PM

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Anonymous said...

Good catch-
what could it mean?