Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And I For One, Welcome the New God-King

The American worker, the American employer, the American investor and the American family own nothing. They earn nothing. They do not grow the economy. They merely take from others. Your own personal efforts to educate yourself, train yourself to better job performance, new products, more sales, that's just other people giving to you. You didn't do it. They did it for you. You can't claim to own what other people did for you. You can't keep everything other people give to you.

And when the government does not get its full share, when each keeps more than they need to keep, that's a taking from others because government will just have to take more from others to get its need. Abraham Lincoln was right: Government should not do more than what people can't do by themselves. And it turns out what America can't do for itself will cost about $2 trillion a year. Government needs the money to prop up the economy by investing in experiments that won't work. Government needs to create penalties and rewards for "market-based" programs that move us in the direction government wants to go. Solyndra was GOOD. FannieMae/FreddieMac is GOOD. We need more of it.

You punch the clock every day to support government, and through government, the economy. You don't get to have an economy without government. Government knows that and won't forget it. Government can tell what you need and what you don't need. Government can give you what you need and don't have. Government can tell what jobs and companies need to die, and government can tell what jobs and companies need to be invented. Government can tell what jobs should be available to citizens and what jobs need to be assigned to illegal aliens.

And when we say "government" we mean Barack Hussein Obama. His personal preferences have the authority of God. No man, no company, no industry, no state, no Congress has any right to tell Barack Hussein Obama he can't spend money where it needs to be spent, or can't kill an industry whose time is over. Barack Obama's favor shall raise shining cities from bare ground and his wrath shall make blighted wilderness of orchards and factories. Thronging multitudes shall move or stay at his gesture. His wisdom is greater, his will is grander than all the three hundred millions scurrying at his feet. Cause they're so stupid they think they did it for themselves.

But let's not get ideological. It bothers the moderates.

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