Tuesday, May 16, 2017

When He's Right He's Right

I'm not with Trump on Russia. But he campaigned and won on mending ties with the Russians. He has a popular mandate to do so, and he can use whatever tools are in the toolbox to do it.

This is not so much an attack on Trump for being careless, as an attack on the President for implementing the foriegn policy he promised. If we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, the people get to blow off the consensus of Washington bureaucrats by subordinating them to a hostile Head of State. If they remain defiant, as a matter of principle, then the way is open for them t
o resign and go sell shoes. The way is not open to violate the Espionage Act.

Every bad consequence being listed from these leaks is due to the criminal leaks to the press and not Trump's statesmanship. ISIS is not learning it has been violated through Putin.

I disagree with being a warm pal of Putin. But I have sense enough to know that we must persuade the majority of America that we are right, instead of just frustrating them with underhanded leaks and slanders. A criminal conspiracy will not launch our views into the Oval Office.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sometimes Trump

Have the NeverTrumpers gone crazy?  Only a crazy person thinks a President must keep an FBI director when the President and DOJ want him gone.

Trump won the White House.  I didn't vote for him, but we have this job called the Presidency and Trump won it.  And on top of that, he has a mandate to ignore the Beltway consensus.

I understand why the Democrats are piling on Trump, but these NeverTrumpers like National Review and Ben Shapiro aren't sensible.  It's not that they are articulating a conservative vision of good government that Trump is falling away from.  They are just NeverTrump.

Democrats are out to attack Trump from now until the next election.  Are NeverTrumpers on board with that mission?  Or are they just in denial about Trump exercising the powers of office?

Thursday, May 04, 2017

"We have suffered a total, unmitigated defeat..."

Partisan hacks touting the "repeal" of Obamacare today.  This means we cannot expect the Republican party to dismantle Obamacare any further during their tenure.

We did not elect a Republican majority to manage the economy of the United States, but to free the economy from central planning.

This partisan majority must be destroyed. The way ahead of us is long.  Our challenges may seem overwhelming.  But one step at a time.

Sinking the Republicans comes first.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A New Home

I found a link to the Arizona Constitution Party.   It seems to have so much in common with what I want that I'm going to join it.

Christian Federalist

I intend sometime over the next year to register a party in Arizona called the Christian Federalist party. We reject the moral authority of the secular state. We reject the conflation of society and government. Government arises out of society and at best can reflect the morality of that society. We demand the right to develop a moral, ethical, Christian culture free of government restraint. We insist on government founded on the cardinal virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice. We oppose fascism because it supplants God with the state. We oppose racism because it denies development of our full potential. We embrace American exceptionalism as the experimental country created for the purpose of preserving freedom. We call for national solutions without federal government expansion. We defy the Democrat party because it proclaims the socialist globalist state as the highest moral authority, in place of God. We denounce the Republican Party for its collusion with the Democrats. We are not Libertarian because we value chastity and sobriety as keys to individual development. 1. End unceasing war abroad -- either commit fully to victory, with congressional authorization, or withdraw the troops. 2. Passage of term limits for Congress and federal judges, including the Supreme Court. 3. Protection of human life from conception to brain death. 4. Devolution of the authority to define marriage to the states. 5. Guarantee of Social Security payments with automatic Cost of Living Adjustments annually. 6. No amnesty for illegal immigrants. 7. Creation of a commission to oversee the sale of federal lands to independent lessors - the West for Westerners. 8. Reform of the Veterans Administration into a humane and practicable service agency. 9. End Indian poverty with access to high-speed internet on every reservation. 10. Guarantee of spiritual and religious abstention from economic transactions -- only slaves serve absolutely!

Monday, May 01, 2017


I'm gonna find 10 people who'll help me revive the Christian Falangist Party of America. Because if we're going to be ignored by Republicans, we might as well be notorious for it. I don't pretend we can win elections, yet. I still think McCain can be knocked off from the right, and in five years we might try it. But I notice this state has an initiative program, and it should be exploited. Our basic mission: to prevent Arizona from turning into California. I think that resonates. We should advocate for immediate reform of the VA, automatic COLA increases to Social Security, and free high-speed internet access for all Native American Reservations. End to endless wars abroad with a victory, end to abortion on demand, opposition to looser drug laws, opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants, competitive tax rates and American development over globalization. Democratic Party is dead wrong on culture, economy and government! Republican Party is lying about stopping the Democrats! More to come dot dot dot...
An interesting read by Andrew Sullivan on the "reactionary right." To be a Reagan Republican in 2017 is to be a reactionary, and to hold true to that ideology is to be no Republican.