Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Christian Federalist

I intend sometime over the next year to register a party in Arizona called the Christian Federalist party. We reject the moral authority of the secular state. We reject the conflation of society and government. Government arises out of society and at best can reflect the morality of that society. We demand the right to develop a moral, ethical, Christian culture free of government restraint. We insist on government founded on the cardinal virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice. We oppose fascism because it supplants God with the state. We oppose racism because it denies development of our full potential. We embrace American exceptionalism as the experimental country created for the purpose of preserving freedom. We call for national solutions without federal government expansion. We defy the Democrat party because it proclaims the socialist globalist state as the highest moral authority, in place of God. We denounce the Republican Party for its collusion with the Democrats. We are not Libertarian because we value chastity and sobriety as keys to individual development. 1. End unceasing war abroad -- either commit fully to victory, with congressional authorization, or withdraw the troops. 2. Passage of term limits for Congress and federal judges, including the Supreme Court. 3. Protection of human life from conception to brain death. 4. Devolution of the authority to define marriage to the states. 5. Guarantee of Social Security payments with automatic Cost of Living Adjustments annually. 6. No amnesty for illegal immigrants. 7. Creation of a commission to oversee the sale of federal lands to independent lessors - the West for Westerners. 8. Reform of the Veterans Administration into a humane and practicable service agency. 9. End Indian poverty with access to high-speed internet on every reservation. 10. Guarantee of spiritual and religious abstention from economic transactions -- only slaves serve absolutely!

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