Monday, May 01, 2017


I'm gonna find 10 people who'll help me revive the Christian Falangist Party of America. Because if we're going to be ignored by Republicans, we might as well be notorious for it. I don't pretend we can win elections, yet. I still think McCain can be knocked off from the right, and in five years we might try it. But I notice this state has an initiative program, and it should be exploited. Our basic mission: to prevent Arizona from turning into California. I think that resonates. We should advocate for immediate reform of the VA, automatic COLA increases to Social Security, and free high-speed internet access for all Native American Reservations. End to endless wars abroad with a victory, end to abortion on demand, opposition to looser drug laws, opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants, competitive tax rates and American development over globalization. Democratic Party is dead wrong on culture, economy and government! Republican Party is lying about stopping the Democrats! More to come dot dot dot...

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