Friday, May 12, 2017

Sometimes Trump

Have the NeverTrumpers gone crazy?  Only a crazy person thinks a President must keep an FBI director when the President and DOJ want him gone.

Trump won the White House.  I didn't vote for him, but we have this job called the Presidency and Trump won it.  And on top of that, he has a mandate to ignore the Beltway consensus.

I understand why the Democrats are piling on Trump, but these NeverTrumpers like National Review and Ben Shapiro aren't sensible.  It's not that they are articulating a conservative vision of good government that Trump is falling away from.  They are just NeverTrump.

Democrats are out to attack Trump from now until the next election.  Are NeverTrumpers on board with that mission?  Or are they just in denial about Trump exercising the powers of office?

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